Wine and XP

Magnus Solvang magnus at
Thu Jul 31 16:34:20 CDT 2003

Quoting Magnus Solvang (magnus at
| I have Wine working, and my Windows XP-installation mounted
| as read only. Reading the FAQ, I noticed: "DON'T configure Wine
| to use an NT-based Windows install (NT, Win2K, WinXP)."
| So... is it futile to try to get XP-applications running on my
| Linux-box? Should I install them from Wine, and if so, how?
| "wine SETUP.EXE"?
| I'm mostly interested in running Instant Messanger (MSN) 6.0 from
| wine at the moment. Has anyone here managed to do this? What would
| I need to do?

Okay, before anyone else advices me to use other programs: I asked
if and how I could start MSN 6.0 in Wine. I didn't want a lot of
advices on which chat-program I should use.
I already use Gaim, and is quite happy with it, but I wanted to
know if I could use IM 6.0 from my Windows XP-partition. I want
to learn about Wine, not which application the rest of you
suggest. I should have mentioned this in my first posting.
Sorry about that.

- M

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