dont understand this error message

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Mon Jun 2 14:22:36 CDT 2003

upgrade your wine package to have no problems at all,
this is related to RedHat 9.

 --- Mike Bordon <spyderusa11 at> a écrit : 
> I'm really really new to this, so if this is a common stupid mistake
> just 
> point me in the right direction.
> I'm running RedHat 9 and I first tried installation through the RPM
> and when 
> I tried to run wine in a terminal I got the following error:
> wine: chdir to /tmp/.wine-spyderusa11/server-306-403c5 : No such file
> or 
> directory
> So I figured I figured I would uninstall the RPM and just compile the
> source. After going through all the compilation and right up to the
> point 
> where it says "Installing default Wine registry entries..." it gave
> me the 
> same error and said "Registry install failed." and I guess aborted
> the rest 
> of the installation. If anyone could help out, I would appreciate it.
> Mike
> spyderusa11 at
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