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nsjeyan at vsnl.net nsjeyan at vsnl.net
Tue Jun 3 02:12:40 CDT 2003


i run acrobat reader 5.1 without any problems myself. not 6 yet. and yes i know there are plenty of pdf viewers for linux but i compile and use a linux dtp program and the developers themselves recommend acrobat reader to appreciate some of the interactive features of pdf.

regards, subash.

p.s: can't avoid the top-posting because i'm using my pop as webmail and it doesn't set the reply quotes correctly. :)

spetreolle at yahoo.fr wrote
acrobat reader 5 works great, if this correct for you.
note there are a plenty of PDF viewers on Linux.

 --- Subash Jeyan <nsjeyan at vsnl.net> a écrit : > hi,
> anybody done acrobat reader 6 yet? if so sure would welcome some
> clues.
> thanks, subash.

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