Default font is rendered very tiny.

Duane Clark dclark at
Tue Jun 3 10:47:28 CDT 2003

Erik Enge wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm using wine 20030508 on Linux.  I have a set of Microsoft Word
> documents that I need to convert to RTF and I have found an appropriate
> converter that will do this for me[1].
> Many of the documents use fonts that I do not have access to and in
> these cases, I would like to default to Helvetica.  My config file
> specifies this via:
>   "Default" = "-adobe-helvetica-"
> so that is all fine and in order.  In fact, when I do convert the
> documents which use fonts I don't have, Helvetica is selected.  Great!
> Here's my problem: when it selects Helvetica it also selects an
> illegible size; 2.  There is no way I can read the documents.  I have
> tried changing the Resolution in the config file but that didn't do any
> good.

I have occasionally vaguely noticed that poor choices are sometimes made 
when trying to select a font size for fonts with fixed sizes, such as 
Helvetica (at least I assume you don't have a TrueType version of 
Helvitica). Probably a better solution is to install a few TrueType 
fonts and use those as the default. Quite a few good ones (I like 
Verdana as a default) are available here:

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