running native (windows) ODBC and drivers?

Paul McNett p at
Tue Jun 3 17:22:02 CDT 2003

Allan Beckster writes:

> How can I run native ODBC in wine?
> Has anyone tried this? Where should I start?

Yes, I do it with Visual FoxPro. First step is getting ODBC installed. I've 
found that installing MyODBC 2.5x from will install a 
suitable ODBC system (odbc32.dll date is from 1995!). After that, you would 
need to "install" the driver for the database you want to connect to. This 
may be as easy as copying the dll to the system directory and doing some 
registry hacking. Or try running the driver setup program for your 
particular database. After that, do a "wine odbcad32.exe" to set up your 
DSN's, or look at the samples in the registry to do it manually.

> Will such a thing be legal?

Well, it is certainly using Microsoft software, but at least in the method I 
described it was software that installed itself willingly on my system. I 
have no idea what the legal challenges (if any) would look like.

Paul McNett

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