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Wed Jun 4 06:57:47 CDT 2003

Thank you Marcone,

I'll try your tip and I'll let you know if it works.

Thank you very much,


On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, Marcone Luis Theisen wrote:


You must create in config file:

"lp" = "/etc/cups/ppd/printer.ppd"

lp is your printer and printer.ppd is your ppd file.
Or use the generic.ppd in ./documentation/samples/generic.ppd

Remove the *.reg in ~/.wine
Remove the wine.ini too.

Running the program.

The system.reg must create a fields with the printer.

Marcone Theisen

Benilton de Sa Carvalho wrote:

>I have a Red Hat 7.3 system here with CUPS working fine. I installed
>Wine-20030508 and then MS Office 97. But I can't print from Office. It
>shows my printers but gives an error when I ask to print.
>Could you please help me on this matter?
>Best regards,
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