Wine vs. Office 97 and Printer

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Jun 4 19:08:35 CDT 2003

Benilton de Sa Carvalho wrote:
>>no, the suggestion is to run 'regedit winedefault.reg' which is in the
> Sorry, I typed wrong... I ran 'regedit winedefault.reg' .
> What should I do? None of the apps in wine (even notepad) prints and
> always says that I don't have any printer installed (but it shows my
> printers on the printers combo box).

Some times the printing in Wine gets mucked up, and can be fixed by 
manually deleting printing entries in a couple of Wine files. This 
assumes that you can print from Linux with CUPS, and that Wine was 
compiled with CUPS support.

Make sure to make a backup copy of these files before editing.

In the file windows/win.ini, delete the printer entries in the [devices]
and [windows] sections, but leave the headings.

In the ~/.wine/system.reg file, delete the entire sections, including 
headers, that begin:

Save the files, and then start any Wine program, and select print setup.
The CUPS printers should get configured.

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