The Opposite of Windows-Free Wine?

Adam Schreiber sadam at
Thu Jun 5 21:18:16 CDT 2003

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Kevin Kleinfelter wrote:
> In other words, if I've got a Windows CD, and I'm willing to use as much
> of it with Wine as is optimal, what would I do?  'Optimal' means 'as
> fully Windows compatible as possible.'  I'm willing to use
> Win98/ME/2K/XP, whichever is most likely to give me a Wine environment
> that will run as many common Windows apps as possible.

While at the moment, I am not running wine with a Windows partition, I
have in the past.  I had good success with win98.  All I used my windows
partition for was wine.  This is probably the best idea as using wine
incurrs *the possibility* of DAMAGE to the windows install.  Probably
the easiest way to set this up is to make a fat32 partition at the front
of a secondary hard.  Then shut down and make the secondary drive the
only hard drive in the computer and install windows.  Then procede to
install any programs you want to run along with any packages they need
to run.  Then shutdown and reinstall your linux drive.  In linux, get
the latest wine source(tarball or via cvs.  Make sure your fat32
partition is mounted via /etc/fstab as rw.  cd into the new wine source
tree and run ./tools/wineinstall as your normal user.  Wine should then
proceed to configure, compile, install(with use of your root password),
then recogize your windows install, and create the appropriate config
files in ~/.wine.

Adam Schreiber
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