Office 97 and CUPS Printer

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Jun 11 11:20:59 CDT 2003

Benilton de Sa Carvalho wrote:
> Some days ago, I posted a message asking help, because I was not able to
> print from my Red Hat 7.3 box, running Wine 20030508 and MS Office 97.
> I still have this problem. Does anyone have another suggestion?
> I can print if I use a native linux app (using CUPS). I can't if I use
> Wine, even using simple app as notepad.exe. Under any Win app (wine), when
> I ask to print, I see my printer in the list: I select it and click
> PRINT/OK and it says I don't have any installed printer.

Did you try the suggestion I made at that time?

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