Installshield in pure wine environment

Daniel J Urist durist at
Wed Jun 11 18:53:35 CDT 2003

On Sun, 8 Jun 2003, Robert Shearman wrote:

> Running with --debugmsg +ole would probably be quite useful.

When I try this, all I get is:

trace:ole:DllMain 0x408e0000 0x1 0x1
trace:ole:CoInitializeEx ((nil), 2)
trace:ole:CoInitializeEx () - Initializing the COM libraries
trace:ole:RunningObjectTableImpl_Initialize ()
fixme:seh:check_resource_write Broken app is writing to the resource data,
enabling work-around

A splash screen comes up, and then the Installshield wizard "please wait"
window, and then it hangs. The cancel button is unresponsive. (This is
with the stdole32 patch)

I've managed to get the app installed by installing it under win98 on a
dual-boot machine, and then tarring up all the installed files and moving
them over to my pure-wine machine. I also needed MSVCIRT.DLL and
RICHED20.DLL. The application help doesn't work, but everthing else seems
to, at least at first glance.

Since the app itself is now free, I'd really like to find some way of
running this in a pure wine environment, so any suggestions for
workarounds to the DLL issues would be greatly appreciated. The
application is a fairly mature document translation assistant program;
something which would probably be pretty useful for people in the free
software world.

> I'm quite busy at the moment with things non-Wine related, but I promise to
> take a look at it in a couple of weeks.

Great! Thanks again.

Dan Urist
durist at

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