wine quit working; says "unhandled exception"

David T-G davidtg-wine at
Wed Jun 18 10:44:22 CDT 2003


I have been a moderate user of WINE for a few months and it has worked
fairly well for the couple of applications that I have tried to run.  My
SuSE 8.1 Linux laptop is laid out as

  /		linux (reiserfs)
  /mnt/win	windows c: (vfat32)
  /mnt/chunk	windows d: (vfat32)

and I have previously had no problems either running WINE or booting
into Win98.  I have been able to call my program as

  wine /mnt/win/apps/concord/concord.exe 2>/dev/null &

and even

  wine /mnt/win/apps/concord/concord.exe "c:\\tmp\\thisweek.cit" 2>/dev/null &

to have the data file loaded directly.

While Win still works happily, wine has developed a problem.  Starting
it simply, as in the first example, and without any redirection, happily
reminds me to run wine_set_default_reg and then goes quiet for a moment,
but instead of opening my app window I get

  wine /mnt/win/comm/err:win32:_EnterSysLevel (0x401181ac, level 1): Holding 0x406d66a0, level 3. Expect deadlock!
  wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...

and then nothing more.  Both wine and wineserver appear to be running

  davidtg at lake:~> ps aguxw|grep wine
  davidtg  23100 16.9  5.3 34668 13632 pts/5   S    11:31   0:05 wine /mnt/win/apps/concord/concord.exe
  davidtg  23128  6.7  4.7 13868 12052 ?       S    11:31   0:02 wineserver
  davidtg  23264  0.0  0.1  1392  456 pts/5    R    11:32   0:00 grep wine

but nothing happens.  If I kill them off I cannot even get things
restarted without a full boot.

Please include me in your responses; I'm not [yet?] subscribed to the
mailing list.


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