New to Wine, but got a question

Andy.Kannberg at Andy.Kannberg at
Fri Jun 20 02:16:14 CDT 2003

Hello All,

I'm new to this list, and new to wine.
I would like to know if the construction I have in mind is possible with
Probably, my problem isn't new, and maybe already answered on this list.
But I ask it anyways.

What I want is this:

On my Linux box, I run Wine. I use it for Lotus Notes client, our
mail/calendar tool.
Now, what I would like to see, is when I click a hyperlink in a mail (a URL
for example), it starts
my native browser on Linux, say Mozilla. When I click an attachment, like a
Word doc or Excel sheet, It should open StarOffice
under Linux.

I don't know if this is possible under Wine. If so, can you tell me how ?
I run RedHat 9 and Suse 8, both as an evaluation test to see if we can
replace the Windows desktop with a Linux desktop.

Best regards,

Andy Kannberg
System Engineer
LG Philips Displays Eindhoven
The Netherlands
tel: 040 - 2789265
fax: 040 - 2785405
email: Andy.Kannberg at

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