winword2000 has pipe problems

Duane Clark dclark at
Fri Jun 20 10:27:56 CDT 2003

Harald Wallus wrote:
> High dears,

Heh, you don't see that often here :-)

> I just do my first step on wine on SuSE8.2 and Wine 20030508, installed 
> from new rpm for SuSE.
> First I have installed the Office2000 with that command:
>     Office2000 Prem> wine --dll cabinet=n  --debugmsg +loaddll setup.exe
> hat it seems to be work: I have got the messages "restart your Computer".

Execute "wineboot".

> Than I do:
>     cd
>     ~/.wine/fake_windows/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office>
>     wine  winword
> ...
> I tried to copy an native ole32.dll into Systems-dir, but it didn't help.

I run it (very occasionally) with this in my ~/.wine/config. Seems to work.

"oleaut32"     = "native, builtin"
"ole32"        = "native, builtin"
"comctl32"     = "native"
"rpcrt4"       = "native"

And of course that requires that the corresponding native Windows DLLs 
be installed.

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