Install help needed

John McKee jmmckee at
Sun Jun 22 12:35:29 CDT 2003

Two different issues, but maybe they are related?

1)  Attempt to install Compuserve under wine, I initially see three
fixme messages:

fixme:win:SetWindowTextA cannot set text "Unpacking Compuserve..." of
other process qindow (nil)

fixme:int21:DOS3Call get interrupt vector - move to winedos...
fixme:int21:DOS3Call get interrupt vector - move to winedos...

Then an install box is displayed allowing a choice between expess and
custom install.  Doesn't matter which one I click.  All I get after that
is a box with blue in it.  I can't move the blue box, or minimize it.
I have left the computer for extended periods and the box remains.  When
I use top, wineserver is busy doing >something<.

Any ideas??

2)  I was able to install VROSARY.EXE.  But, when I try to run it, I
experience several problems:
      a) The program does not have access to the date, aparently, as it
does not show the correct day of the week.

      b)  Program complains that it does not have internet access, when,
in fact, there is a current Linux dial-up session.
      c)  Program wants to display embedded images.  I though I copied
the ole dlls, to the proper location, but I am assuming I either do not
have all the required DLLs, have copied them to the wrong place, or need
to change config.  What DLLs are needed for OLE, and where are they



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