winword2000 has pipe problems

Harald Wallus wallus at
Mon Jun 23 02:41:31 CDT 2003

Fabian Cenedese wrote:

>>First I have installed the Office2000 with that command:
>>  Office2000 Prem> wine --dll cabinet=n  --debugmsg +loaddll setup.exe
>>hat it seems to be work: I have got the messages "restart your Computer".
>Don't know if that is now done automatically but you could try to run
>wineboot which will do the stuff that's done at restart (copying files,
>renaming files...) I guess it doesn't hurt to do it as it won't do anything if
>there's nothing to do.
>bye   Fabi
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Dear Fabi,

#Start from scratch
rm -rf .wine
wine -version
  Wine already configured, run 'winesetup' to reconfigure.
  Wine 20030508

# I change in ~/.wine/config

; Windows version to imitate 
"Windows" = "win98"    <-

## Now I try to install Office 2000 Premium once again
...../Microsoft/Office2000 Prem> wine --dll cabinet=n  --debugmsg 
+loaddll setup.exe

## The "from windows knowing" Installshield starts up,
## I choose: "Install everything from Working station" ("retranslation").

## then I get the message, "Please restart your computer" -> OK
## I setup this command

wineboot  --dll cabinet=n  --debugmsg +loaddll

## The installer start once again (like in windows).
## Messagebox from windows: "The installer has to be stop before 
finished" ("restranslation");

That is what I see in the console:
trace:loaddll:load_dll Loaded module 'C:\Windows\System\MSVCRT.DLL' : 
trace:loaddll:load_dll Loaded module 'C:\Windows\System\ODBCCP32.DLL' : 
trace:loaddll:load_dll Loaded module 'C:\Windows\System\ODBCINT.DLL' : 
fixme:seh:EXC_RtlRaiseException call to unimplemented function 
trace:loaddll:load_dll Loaded module 'C:\Windows\System\IMAGEHLP.DLL' : 
fixme:imagehlp:StackWalk (332, 0xffffffff, 0xfffffffe, 0x415d04d4, 
0x415d0ebc, (nil), 0x4255d2d0, 0x4255d340, (nil)): stub
trace:loaddll:MODULE_FlushModrefs Unloaded module 
'C:\Windows\System\msihnd.dll' : native
trace:loaddll:MODULE_FlushModrefs Unloaded module 
'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\imm32.dll' : builtin
fixme:thread:SetThreadExecutionState (0x0): stub, harmless (power 
I/O operation aborted

Thanks for advices

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