Various problems- it just gets worse!

Tom Barnes-Lawrence tomble at
Sat Jun 28 21:36:10 CDT 2003

On Sun, Jun 29, 2003 at 01:49:57AM +0100, Tom Barnes-Lawrence wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 28, 2003 at 05:14:56PM -0700, Duane Clark wrote:
> > If you want to be sure, read the file winedefault.reg, and compare it to 
> > ~/.wine/system.reg. The format is slightly different, but the 
> > differences should be obvious.
>   That's the thing! There *is* not system.reg, not in ~/.wine, not in
> the windows directory I made, not anywhere. That was why I was getting
> so frustrated- there was no sign of regedit having created or altered
> ANY file whatsoever. The document about the registry talks about lots
> of different files foo.reg and bar.dat and whatever. Doesn't say what
> regedit is supposed to actually create or modify though.
> > Regedit probably did work (I see no reason to think otherwise).
>  As there is not system.reg, or anythingelse.reg anywhere, I'd say it
> probably didn't.
 Right, since getting that bit of information (eg- that wine expects to
find its registry files in the ~/.wine directory, not the actual windows
directory), I managed to eventually create what seems to be a valid
registry file. AFAICT, I had to do

 regedit /e windefault.reg,

and then the newly created registry file overwrote windefault.reg-
I noticed the file had grown, and then saw the contents seemed different.
So I then had to rename it to system.reg, and THEN winecheck was happy.

 Still didn't improve the sound, or the keys, etc.
 But I eventually noticed that there was a stale "wineserver" process
still running (with instances of "dxhelp" running under it). I realised
this might have made a difference, so I killed all those.

 Restarted Total Annihilation- the mouse was grabbed, and the keyboard
worked fine! So it seems that the changes I'd tried to make to the
config file hadn't been making a difference because the old wineserver
didn't reread it, and wine was connecting to that instead.

 I'd be suprised if many newbies could work that out. It took me most of
the day. I'm not saying wine should change the way it works there, but
that bit of advice should be made clearer IMO.

 So: I've now only got the issue of the in-game sound to figure out
(as I said, it works fine in the FMV, although it does start with a
bit of annoying noise). At least the game is now playable.

 Using -debugmsg warn+dsound   gave a few messages like:

warn:dsound:DSOUND_CalcPlayPosition detected an underrun: primary queue was

when I clicked the menu buttons (which *should* make a noise), but no
messages seemed to be given when I clicked the "test sounds" button...
Perhaps that goes through a different library or something. Any ideas?

Tom Barnes-Lawrence

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