Various problems- it just gets worse!

Tom Barnes-Lawrence tomble at
Sun Jun 29 16:42:32 CDT 2003

On Sun, Jun 29, 2003 at 03:24:29PM +0200, Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
> >   I'd say yes, it definitely should, especially as there's no manpage
> > or anything to say what it should actually do, etc...
> > But I shan't dwell on that.
> If there is no manpage/documentation, your package is bad or hasnt been
> correctly installed.

  Nononono, I meant there's no manpage for *regedit*. Obviously there's the
manpages for wine and for wine.conf, but those AFAICT are the only ones.

 Yes, as I said before, I found the documentation directory, with
registry.sgml or similar. But no, that *doesn't* say what effects regedit
should have when it works properly. And as far as I can see, the thing only
finally worked when I gave it the /e flag, and it didn't put the wine
registry it made in system.reg, but overwrote the winedefaults.reg file with

 Now, playing with Total Annihilation last night, I was pleased to find
it running smoothly (still haven't fixed the sound, but that's not such
a terrible problem). Then I tried installing some of the expansion packs
for it.

 None of the installers believe that I've already installed the original
game. I tried setting some more debug messages, and installer for the
original game *and* for the expansion packs seem to try to open
"reg.dat" in the windows directory.

 Presumably, this is another of the registry files- but Wine's documentation
on the registry doesn't seem to mention it. I'm guessing it's where it
stores details of what programs have been installed, and that the lack of
this file is causing that information to be lost.

 Should Windows programs be trying to access the registry directly? Should
Wine be trapping attempted accesses to the registry files, and translating
contents or something? In fact, is it the installers themselves trying to
access the files, or is it wine trying to do that? Should it have the
details of installed software in one of the registries?

 Or would Windows installers be more likely to find out what I've installed
from some other method?

> - Did you look for a "documentation" directory in the sources ?
> - try "man wine" ?
> - a one minute glance at the winehq site : on the left of the main page
> => support, documentation, FAQ, ...

  Yes, I'd already seen that, thank-you. Didn't seem to answer any of the
questions I had though.

> and particularily :

  Already seen the first of those, hadn't seen that last one. It didn't
seem to give anything particularly useful to me(the problem with the
registry, the problem with the stale wineserver process, both of which
I've fixed by now, or the directsound being silent, which I haven't fixed).

 Tom Barnes-Lawrence

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