Various problems- it just gets worse!

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Sun Jun 29 17:43:17 CDT 2003

the "manpage" (ie usage) for regedit is showed like for another console
windows program :
regedit /?

>   Nononono, I meant there's no manpage for *regedit*. Obviously
> there's the
> manpages for wine and for wine.conf, but those AFAICT are the only
> ones.

Of course, see in the usage, regedit /e eXPORTS the current 
registry in a text file.
Copy-Paste from the source :
"    /E - exports contents of the specified registry key to the
"	file. Exports the whole registry if no key is specified.\n"

> should have when it works properly. And as far as I can see, the
> thing only
> finally worked when I gave it the /e flag, and it didn't put the wine
> registry it made in system.reg, but overwrote the winedefaults.reg
> file with it.

reg.dat isnt part of the windows registry anymore. (only valid for Win
3.x) No program should try to read it.
Wine hasnt got any *.dat for registry since it uses $HOME/.wine/*reg.

> game. I tried setting some more debug messages, and installer for the
> original game *and* for the expansion packs seem to try to open
> "reg.dat" in the windows directory.

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