How to configure printers (newbie question) - So far #1

Peter Stokes peter at
Mon Jun 30 05:01:46 CDT 2003

Hi Duane

Well, I downloaded the latest binary I could find for Mandrake (06/18
build date), fired it up and tried printing. The result was 

a) It found the CUPS printer fine

b) It formatted the page ok'ish with the following issues

    1) It only printed some of the foelds requested, maybe a font issue?
(will have to read up on fonts)

    2) It appears to be formatting the page as stretched similar to what
you would get if you printed to the A4 printer in letter format. As I am
in the UK, A4 is standard.

If anyone has any ideas or further reading suggestions, please let me
know as this version is almost there for me to use.



On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 16:42, Duane Clark wrote:
> (please respond in the newsgroup)
> Peter Stokes wrote:
> > Hi Duane
> > 
> > I am using 9.1MDK which I believe has CUPS setup and from Linux eg
> > Evolution it works fine. So I guess I am missing this PPD thing, which I
> > can find a hp.exe on the Adobe site, but not specifically my printer.
> > Now I have a test PPD file, where do I put it etc.
> CUPS has it's own PPD files, and those should be used automatically. You 
> should not have to do anything with them. You only need to bother with 
> PPD files if using non-CUPS printing.
> > If you can help it woul be most useful. Also how to pipe output through
> > to ghostscript to generate PCL output which my printer uses.
> > 
> If you have CUPS, then Wine prints through that. CUPS will handle piping 
> through the appropriate filter (I use CUPS and a PCL printer).
> In order to use CUPS, Wine needs to be compiled with CUPS support. If 
> the printers do not even show up in the print dialog, then I would guess 
> that you have a Wine version without CUPS support compiled in. You might 
> mention where you got the version of Wine you are using.
> You could try compiling yourself (really fairly easy), or get one of the 
> RPMs from
> I am guessing those were compiled with CUPS support, though I don't 
> actually know for sure. I compile from CVS.
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