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Mon Jun 30 23:47:12 CDT 2003

MAINLY with the widnows configurations registry. I really don't know how
this works on wine... I think there might be some sort of regedit for

To convince the probgram you can run it with command line arguments...
Really don't know how... but there should be something like
registry="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/install/whatever/installed=1" or
something like that (I'm just guessing... perhaps there is nothing like
this.... I'm just talking about what is logical to be)

Anyway... I have a copy of TA. and a few expansion packs (Core
Contigency included)... I'll try it tomorrow (tonight I'm too tired).
Also I'd like to play over internet with you... I like CORE and all
CORE's world maps. (The metal ones)... I suck in mining... but I produce
enough energy to have two vulcans fireing at the same time and the
commander and five k-bots plus 2 planes helping build units too the
vehicle plant and the k-bot lab and making another geothermal on a hill.

We should play (though I'm a little rusty right now... It's been a long
time since my last TA game)

BTW: I use CC and 3.1 (the most common upgrade packages) Plus the
EXCALIBUR (like in CRUSADE woth blue lasers and the head one is as
strong as the D-GUN) and the YAMATO (huge carrier with blie lasers) (two
HUGE units) You should look for them.

I'll get MY CD's ASAP and install it... then I'll tell you what I did.

Hope I helped.

looking forward to hear from you soon.

El lun, 30-06-2003 a las 21:38, Tom Barnes-Lawrence escribió:
> OK, as this question doesn't seem to be getting noticed in my previous,
> slightly long-winded thread, I'll ask it alone in it's own thread:
> How do installer programs in Windows record that they've installed what
> they've installed?
> And how then do I convince *other* installers running through Wine that
> I already have some program X installed?
> This is still in relation to expansion packs for Total Annihilation not
> installing because they think I haven't got the main game installed
> already (even though I have, and it works fine apart from the sound).
> (whilst waiting to get internet access back in order to post this, looks
> like someone else just asked a similar question, sorry if it has the
> same answer)
> Thanks in advance,
>  Tom Barnes-Lawrence
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