Running Setup.exe files from Wine

Hariraj M R harirajmr at
Wed Mar 5 20:10:34 CST 2003

Dear Friends,

I am new to both linux and wine. I have installed wine
20030115 in RH8.0. When I brought a new machine, I
chose not to install windows at all on the same, but
who can say no to some of those games. I had installed
wine for the games part. Application database at
winehq said it can run age of empires. well, I did
this. I have a vfat partition at /dev/hda1. I mounted
the same in mnt/winhd and CDROM at mnt/cdrom. Ran wine
setup.exe in the CD. It starts the programme and show
me the message "preparing to install". At 99% it just
quits. I tried Age of empires as also some other
games. All with the same results. Where am I going


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