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Keith Matthews keith_m at
Fri Mar 7 02:33:21 CST 2003

On Thu, 06 Mar 2003 12:22:16 -0700
Tony Lambregts <tony_lambregts at> wrote:

> As I have mentioned to Sylvain (privately) this really makes me angry 
> because it makes me look bad. If you look at the message source you
> can see that it has been spoofed (probably by the klez virus) This is
> more that a PITA but I don't know how to fight against it. 

You can't. It came from someone on the list who has you and the list in
their address book.

It is a warning to everyone on the list who uses Outlook/OE to recheck
their AV.

I have been getting some messages direct that appear to be from a
bugbear infected host. Again, no clear indication of who is infected. It
probably is not from anyone on this list, but if you have me in your
address book then it's worth checking.

With many of these you need to boot the system from the AV CD to check
properly as they are capable of disabling the AV package during a normal

Apologies to those on the list who know these things, but I am regularly
surprised by how many otherwise technically aware people don't know
them and have stopped making assumptions on such matters.

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