fixme:reg:_nt_dump_lf unknown Win XP node id 0x686c: do we need to add support for it ?

Duane Clark dclark at
Thu Mar 13 13:30:40 CST 2003

Alan Bort wrote:
> Hi. I'm having troubles with WINE. I think it might be (strangely :P)
> because of my windows XP instalation. Though, since I'm a bloody newbie,
> I don't know what it could be. here I post my configuration file (that
> is correct as soon as I can tell) and my error message (at the end of
> the page)

I would suggest not using the WinXP filesystem for running Wine. You run 
the risk of corrupting it. Much better to create a directory on your 
Linux filesystem, and let Wine use that for drive C. This requires that 
you reinstall the apps you want to use under Wine. I suspect the 
problems you are having will go away then.

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