wnaspi32.dll not loading

Norman Urs Baier knub at gmx.ch
Fri Mar 14 04:13:12 CST 2003


I use software that is supposed to access hardware using the ASPI layer. But 
whenever I open the software I get the error: could not acces the device. 
Precisely the same message one gets, when the aspi layer isn't installed in 
Looking at what I get with "wine -debugmsg +file" I don't see any wnaspi32.dll 
or similar loaded. Without the debug on, I get errors like:

fixme:file:LockFile not implemented in server
fixme:file:UnlockFile not implemented in server

What do they mean? Are they harmful? What file do they try to lock?

I've attached as well the debug log. 
[scsi c0t5d0]

and the device is accessible. But shouldn't the dll be loaded in first place? 
Why does the software not load the dll? 

Any suggestions welcome.

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