Knights and Merchants

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Sun Mar 16 17:10:34 CST 2003

Joris Huizer wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I have got a small question.
> I've got a game called "Knights and Merchants" which
> runs very well in wine - except for one detail.
> When you try to leave the program there is a button to
> use, labeled "verlaat missie" (in the Dutch version,
> it's probably something like "leave mission" in
> English)
> When I use that button, the program crashes and the
> wine debugger launches;
the output of the backtrace would help to find out why it crashes.

> The problem is, the program is working with the screen
> resolution. And because of the crash at the end the
> program doesn't set it back.
> Can anybody tell me how to restore normal resolution
> (I'm using Debian Linux)

(Ctrl)(Alt)(+) should work.

Or you could run it in desktop put something like this in your ~/.wine/config file


> And, is there a way to avoid these crashes ?

Debuging to find out why it crashes. Please see

> Thanks for any help,
> Joris Huizer
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Tony Lambregts

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