TBSTYLE_ALTDRAG not implemented

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 17 15:36:08 CST 2003

why do you use the "--debugmsg +fixme,+err" flag ? its useless.

better use "--debugmsg fixme-toolbar" it will hide the "fixme"
you can use --dll=comctl32,commctrl=n if you have the comctl32 native
dll (copy it in C:\\windows\\system)

if ctrl-c doesnt work, use 'wineserver -k' in another window.

for further informations, read
> khaem:/usr/local/fake_windows/windows/system$ wine --debugmsg
> +err,+fixme /usr/local/fake_windows/Program\
> Files/Maestria/maestria.exe
> fixme:toolbar:TOOLBAR_CheckStyle [0x10031] TBSTYLE_ALTDRAG not
> implemented
> And i can't work with it because without CTRL+C i can't stop it ...

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