cannot run Diablo II LOD with CD.

Alan Bort 333101 at
Mon Mar 17 19:10:52 CST 2003

My mistake. sorry. I had the wrong CD... i put the cinematics instead of
the expansion... :(

anyway... when I close DIABLO II it lets my screen at 800X600
resolution... wile the system still thinks it's at 1280x1024...

so I have only 1/4 of my screen on screen and with the mouse I can
scroll (by touching the edge of de visible screen... how do I fix this
so wine lets my configuration  at 1280x1024 once I finished using the

thanks a lot.
El lun, 17 de 03 de 2003 a las 21:38, Alan Bort escribió:
> Hi, here is my problem.
> when I try to run Diablo II with my cd I get a dialog asking me to
> insertd 'the expansion disc'. I insert it and mount it and it keeps
> asking. I've tried mounting it before runnning diablo and still doesn't
> work. I think it's properly configured: here is my entry:
> [Drive F]
> "Path" = "/mnt/cdrom"
> "Type" = "cdrom"
> "Label" = "Cd-Rom"
> "Filesystem" = "win95"
> "Device" = "/dev/scd0"
> is there something wrong with this???
> should I add it to the 'path'??? i think it's there...:
> "Path" = "c:\\WINDOWS;c:\\Windows\\System32;e:\\;f:\\"
> what am I missing??? do you need the whole config file???
> thanks a lot.
> the version I'm using does not have a 'no-cd crack' yet... so i NEED the
> CD....
> thanks a lot.
Alan Bort
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