not enough virtual memory

Howard Sanner flagstad at
Sat Mar 22 17:46:47 CST 2003

Alan Bort wrote:
> you said before that you had 900MB in your DOS partition... right???
> then that could be your problem....

	OK. Things are getting curiouser and curiouser, though. I tried
running Graphic Workshop for Windows 3.1. I ran this successfully
on my old computer under Red Hat. On this computer when I open a
terminal window, cd /mnt/dos/gws16, and run wine gws16.exe, after
a lot of text flashing by in the window, I get the Graphics
Workshop banner window, and then a dialog saying "Unhandled page
fault on read access to [address] at [code address]. Do you wish
to debug it?"

	I think there's something really weird going on here.


						Howard Sanner
						flagstad at

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