not enough virtual memory

David Jones gnome at
Sat Mar 22 17:57:40 CST 2003

On 22 Mar 03, at 2:52, Howard Sanner wrote:

> > BTW, it's a huge swap for a 512 memory... in fact, I
> > have 768 MB of RAM and I use a swap of 1GB... and it is
> > more than enough.... in fact, when I see the usage it's
> > almos zero.... while the ram is almos 100%
>  Yeah, that's the kind of memory usage I see, too. At one
>  point I
> had plans to install 1 GB of RAM but so far have not found
> the need. Disk space is cheap and plentiful nowadays
> anyway.

A friend of mine who does serious medium-format 
photography just got a professionally-done scan back of 
one of his transparencies. a 4"x5" image scanned at 
10,780dpi on a high-end drum scanner; I don't know 
what the color depth it scanned at was, IIRC, it was 48-
bit color. Image came to 310MB in size. Opening that 
image on his 512MB 1GHz P3 box took a LONG TIME 
as the system desparately swapped disk space for RAM 
and so on. If speed is important, RAM is a much better 
choice than disk!

Just in case anyone wondered if there was a use for 
1GB of RAM ... if you have a spare gig of PC133 RAM 
you'd like to find a use for, send it to me, I'll put it to use. 

gnome at

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