Getting games working in wine

hatky hatkyinc at
Thu May 1 16:22:32 CDT 2003

As my personal consern I try to help get games working
on linux (thats what I really rellay miss when running
linux insted of windows...)

I have given it a meta bug of it's own:

Please see if you have on of the games in the bug on
the list and comment on the bug or vote for it as some
bugs there are old we need to know:
1.Does this bug still exsists in current wine version?
2.Can you get us an error log?
3.Can you test it again at request to help us getting
it working

Besides that fell free to open new bug on games and
mark it as blocks bug 1434 
p.s. It is better to open a metabug on your game name
that blocks bug 1434 and then open a bug for every
small thing that is wrong and mark that it blocks your
game name metabug.

Hope you like games as mach as I do :),

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