Unhandled exception

Stephan =?UTF-8?B?QW5kcsOpIFNjaG1pZHTp?= Schmidt stephanandre.schmidt at uni-bielefeld.de
Sun May 4 08:14:24 CDT 2003

Am 2003.05.04 01:17 schrieb(en) Theodore Marescaux:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the clue, but I am afraid I can't get wine to work anymore 
> even with the original RH kernel...
> Regards,
> Theo
> Philipp Wollermann wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> Anyone has an idea of what is going on? Is there anything more I can 
>>> try
>>> to give you more input?
>> I can't find the mail right now, but I can remember someone saying, that
>> because of the new glibc threading-model only original Red Hat Kernels 
>> will
>> work with NPTL, self-compiled kernels don't support the Red Hat way of
>> supporting NPTL - sounds a little strange to me, but maybe that could 
>> give
>> an idea. :-)
>> Try using an original Red Hat kernel to see if that works..
>> Philipp


I am using a self compiled version (--with-nptl) of Wine-20030408 under RH 
9 with a self compiled kernel 2.4.20-9custom-[...] I do not have any 
problems running wine here. I cannot agree with the statement that 
self-compiled (RH)-kernel do not support NPTL. Sure, NPTL will break if 
one uses a vanilla kernel.

A hint from the RELEASE-NOTES:

NPTL support for all dynamically-linked applications can be disabled by 
using the following boot-time option:


Maybe you should give this boot-tome option a try.



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