Unhandled exception

Theodore Marescaux Theodore.Marescaux at chello.be
Mon May 5 14:49:30 CDT 2003

Andrew Rechenberg wrote:

>Have you recently upgraded the glibc on your Red Hat box?  I've found
>that upgrading to glibc-2.3.2-27.9 breaks my wine installtion (custom
>RPM I built from CVS).
>When I rolled back my glibc (using rpm -Uvh --oldpackage) to the stock
>Red Hat 9 version (2.3.2-11.9) my wine installation works again.
>I have opened a bug with Red Hat regarding this problem.  If you find
>that glibc is your problem you may want to add your comments to this
>Hope this helps,
I finally got my wine to work again with a customized kernel. A broken 
glibc may indeed have been be the origin of the problem.

Basically I did an upgrade with every new package proposed by Red Hat 
(used their up2date program for that). There was indeed some upgrade of 
the glibc (+ other stuff irrelevant to wine). The weird thing is that I 
don't remember upgrading a glibc before which could have been breaking 
wine as Andy reports.

Thank you all for the great help!

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