Using Visual basic with Wine

Joe Dufresne nqs at
Thu May 8 09:17:31 CDT 2003

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Zsolt Rizsanyi wrote:
| On Thursday 08 May 2003 02.14, Joe Dufresne wrote:
|>the program I need to run is using VB code.  I tried running it with the
|>version of wine included with my CD's.  that gave me an error that it
|>couldn't find the required .dll's, so I went searching, and found the
|>wine faq, which said to get vbrun60.dll.  I couldn't find this file, the
|>closest was vbrun60.exe off of MS's web site, but this wouldn't install
| Couldn't vbrun60.exe be a self-extract archive?
| In that case you need to run vbrun60.exe to get the vbrun60.dll.

Yes, it is.  the problem is with getting it to install


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