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Hello Everyone, Could you please take a look at my application and give me some suggestions? Thanks a lot! Now I am working on porting windows program to Linux,letting Windows server be able to talk to both windows clients and linux clients.(Orignally,there's only windows clients) This program include two parts:RPC programming and WIN32 API programming. RPC let server to call client's functions using WIN32 API programmingwhich basically retrieve some of the local window parameters and control the mouse movement and keyboard input... (Here, assume all these functions are available from WINE.) As to RPC task, since MSRPC are incompatiable with ONC RPC which Linux used and even WINE can't help it out either, I have to unite the RPC standards using extra RPC packeage on linux side or windows side. My question mainly focus on the WIN32 API programming part, since I have to deal with different versions of Linux(Redhat, Mandrine ...) and different desktop enviroments(GNOME and KDE...).   I hope to use WINE to implement the conversion task from WIN32 API to X window API. then combine this part with the RPC part together. Could anybody give me some instructions whether it's feasible and how to implement it? Can I use winelib to compile API part only?... Welcome any comment.  Thank you. Best wishes.

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