error wineinstalling

Saulius Krasuckas Saulius.Krasuckas at
Mon May 12 14:17:23 CDT 2003

Duane Clark wrote:

> >   should I analyze dlls/kernel/Makefile to reverse the source of an
> > error?
> Hmm, okay. So I touch that file and recompile, and I see:
<skipped />
> For some reason, you seem to be missing "-I../../include", which
> really should show up twice (that is expected behavior).

  ok. today, when my patience and faith were over I made new dir, and run
"cvs checkout". then I run "tools/wineinstall" and:

[s2 at localhost src]$ diff -u wine-cvs-commit_old/wine/dlls/kernel/Makefile
--- wine-cvs-commit_old/wine/dlls/kernel/Makefile       2003-05-12
17:06:50.000000000 +0200
+++ cvs-commit/wine/dlls/kernel/Makefile        2003-05-12
18:46:40.000000000 +0200
@@ -445,295 +445,6 @@
        $(WINEBUILD) $(DEFS) -o $@ --dll-name kernel --main-module
$(MODULE) --res version16.res --spec $(SRCDIR)/krnl386.exe.spec

 version16.res: version16.rc
-       $(LDPATH) $(WRC) $(WRCFLAGS) -o $@ -O res16 $(SRCDIR)/version16.rc
+       $(LDPATH) $(RC16) $(RC16FLAGS) -fo$@ $(SRCDIR)/version16.rc

 ### Dependencies:
-../../ole/ole2nls.o: ../../ole/ole2nls.c ../../include/config.h \
- ../../include/wine/port.h ../../include/windef.h \
- ../../include/winnt.h ../../include/basetsd.h \
<skipped />
- ../../include/winver.h
-version16.res: version16.rc ../../include/wine/wine_common_ver.rc \
- ../../include/winver.h ../../include/windef.h ../../include/winnt.h \
- ../../include/basetsd.h ../../include/ntstatus.h \
- ../../include/pshpack2.h ../../include/poppack.h \
- ../../include/pshpack4.h ../../include/guiddef.h
-messages/ messages/

  does it bring some (clearness|clarity) ? how do you think, what has
changed to initiate generation of such a differences between "Makefiles"?

  although recent src-tree builds ok, I am interested in a reason first
one does not. what differences should I analyze at next step? (I
still have both src-trees alive ":)").

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