Installing WINE onto a LTSP server for the nodes to use WINE.

ericglass eglass at
Tue May 13 23:21:30 CDT 2003

Hey fellow LTSP users. I have been following the mailing list for the last
few weeks and have not seen any mention of some info I could use.

I am trying to figure out how to install an application into LTSP so that
each of my machines can run it.

Specifically I am trying to install WINE so that my nodes can use it to run
the Win32 version of Folding at Home's distributed computing client. I realize
that there is a linux version, howeever the Win32 client is faster and I
need to
get WINE working to make this happen.

WINE needs some libs that are not in the LTSP tree and I believeve it needs
and a few other apps.

I can work around the need for multiple node specific DIR & Modified files
but my main problem is how to even get the clients to run WINE.

Show can I install WINE to atleast make it available to the nodes? Can I use
hard or soft links, or do I have to actually install the app into the LTSP

Has someone seen another website / HOWTO with info regarding this?

Can I just mount the directories from my servers root FS into the tree to
the nodes access to the libs and executables.

thx for any info or leads you may be able to provide.

eric glass

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