Copy program from win partition

Savio Ramos at
Thu May 15 06:55:02 CDT 2003

Good morning,

Is there any way to copy the files of a intalled program in win
partition to ./wine/fake_windows/ in a linux partition?

The reason is that:
If wine is configured to use win partition this program works, but
veeeeery slowly.

It can_t be isntalled it in fake_windows. So I tried to copy the files
that it installed in win partition to linux partition, but I don't know
how make key registries.

Other than dll, the program installed those files in:
C:\program files\common files\Microsoft Shared\DAO

DAO350   DLL       570.128  27/04/98   0:00 DAO350.DLL
DAO360   DLL       557.328  09/03/99  17:50 DAO360.DLL
DAOREAD  TXT         2.508  19/10/98  19:34 DAOREAD.TXT
DAO360   CHM       644.620  05/05/99   9:17 DAO360.CHM
DAO      TXT             0  15/05/03   8:51 dao.txt

It makes diference?

Sávio Ramos

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