How import windows registry ?

Rafael Tatsuya Icibaci tatsuya_rafael at
Thu May 15 12:38:12 CDT 2003


  I create a virtual disk of windows in ~/.wine directory called c_drive.
  Now I need to import all the windows registry to wine registry.
  I used regapi to accomplish this task: /dev/null FullWinRegistry.reg
  which FullWinRegistry.reg is the reg file that I export from windows 
  this command create FullWinRegistry.reg.toAdd, but this file is empty.
  Then I use regedit to import , the regedit command return success but 
nothing was
  imported to wine registry.
  Somebody knows how to import the registry or have a how-to to accomplish 
this ?
  I using wine-20020904, but I using regapi of 20030318 and regedit of 



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