Font metrics ;;. BadValue (X_OpenFont)

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Fri May 16 03:03:58 CDT 2003

 .:. Hola!

	I'm experiencing some problems. Every time, no matter what application
	I attempt to run, this happens:

Font metrics: 81.2% done
fixme:font:LFD_InitFontInfo font '-adobe-itc tiepolo-medium-i-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-adobe-standard' has unknown registry 'adobe' and character encoding 'standard' 
X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
  Major opcode of failed request:  45 (X_OpenFont)
  Value in failed request:  0x1400e9b
  Serial number of failed request:  11379
  Current serial number in output stream:  11380

	added to the config is /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/truetype:

XftCache        couri.ttf       monotype.ttf    timesbi.ttf     verdanai.ttf
arial.ttf       crystal.ttf     msgothic.ttf    timesi.ttf      verdanaz.ttf
arialbd.ttf     everson.ttf     ocraext.ttf     trebuc.ttf      walshes.ttf
arialbi.ttf     fonts.dir       oloron.ttf      trebucbd.ttf    wbxscar.ttf
ariali.ttf      georgia.ttf     queetbt.ttf     trebucbi.ttf    webdings.ttf
ariblk.ttf      georgiab.ttf    queetrt.ttf     trebucit.ttf    weltron.ttf
comic.ttf       georgiai.ttf    sylfaen.ttf     unispace.ttf    wibble.ttf
comicbd.ttf     georgiaz.ttf    tahoma.ttf      univox.ttf
cour.ttf        impact.ttf      tahomabd.ttf    unsteady.ttf
courbd.ttf      kk.ttf          times.ttf       verdana.ttf
courbi.ttf      micross.ttf     timesbd.ttf     verdanab.ttf

	And /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1:

UTBI____.afm    c0583bt_.afm    cour.pfa        l047013t.pfa    l048036t.afm
UTBI____.pfa    c0583bt_.pfb    courb.afm       l047016t.afm    l048036t.pfa
UTB_____.afm    c0611bt_.afm    courb.pfa       l047016t.pfa    l049013t.afm
UTB_____.pfa    c0611bt_.pfb    courbi.afm      l047033t.afm    l049013t.pfa
UTI_____.afm    c0632bt_.afm    courbi.pfa      l047033t.pfa    l049016t.afm
UTI_____.pfa    c0632bt_.pfb    couri.afm       l047036t.afm    l049016t.pfa
UTRG____.afm    c0633bt_.afm    couri.pfa       l047036t.pfa    l049033t.afm
UTRG____.pfa    c0633bt_.pfb    cursor.pfa      l048013t.afm    l049033t.pfa
XftCache        c0648bt_.afm    encodings.dir   l048013t.pfa    l049036t.afm
c0419bt_.afm    c0648bt_.pfb    fonts.cache-1   l048016t.afm    l049036t.pfa
c0419bt_.pfb    c0649bt_.afm    fonts.dir       l048016t.pfa
c0582bt_.afm    c0649bt_.pfb    fonts.scale     l048033t.afm
c0582bt_.pfb    cour.afm        l047013t.afm    l048033t.pfa

	Though it has little to do with these. Somebody, please ...

	I hope someone out there have bigger brains than me ;;.)==

 .:. Ciao!


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