Installshield in pure wine environment

Daniel J Urist durist at
Sun May 18 11:09:13 CDT 2003

On Fri, 16 May 2003, Robert Shearman wrote:

> It sounds like you're nearly there! I think you should just be able to do
> "touch stdole32.tlb.spec" and probably the same for stdole2.tlb.spec and it
> should compile.

Well, that worked; I got it to compile cleanly, at least. Unfortunately,
Installshield is still failing with the same error. The same thing happens
when I try the patched version of wine-20030115 :(

Anyway, what I had to do to get wine-20030508 to compile with the patch
was touch stdole2.spec.c and stdole32.spec.c, and change two lines in (all of this in wine-20030508/dlls/oleaut32):

#ALTNAMES  = ole2disp.dll typelib.dll
ALTNAMES  = ole2disp.dll typelib.dll stdole32.tlb stdole2.tlb

#SPEC_SRCS16 = $(ALTNAMES:.dll=.spec)
SPEC_SRCS16 = ole2disp.spec typelib.spec stdole32.spec stdole2.spec

Not very elegant, but it seems to work. Please let me know if you have any
other suggestions regarding how to get around the Installshield issue.

Dan Urist
durist at

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