Wine unable to open display.

Duane Clark dclark at
Sun May 18 14:40:00 CDT 2003

Philippe A wrote:
> Okay I made a make uninstall of my previous install, removed the source tree 
> and unpacked a fresh one. I did wineinstall as my user. It recompiled and 
> installed but the damned thing failed again at the registry setup stage. It 
> said it couldn't find programs/regedit/ in 
> /usr/src/local/wine-*/miscemu (that's my src dir).

Did you also blow away your ~/.wine directory before running 
wineinstall? I suspect your old one has bad entries in it. I just blew 
away (mv'ed that is) my own fake windows install and ~/.wine 
directories, and reran wineinstall, and it recreated everything correctly.

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