Wine unable to open display.

Philippe A z77y16 at
Sun May 18 18:38:47 CDT 2003

>>What am I doing wrong? I am trying to install on redhat9, if that 
>>information matters.
>Oh, and I forgot to mention. I don't remember when the changes got into 
>configure to support RH9. You might need to run configure as:
>./configure --with-ntpl

Woohoo you got it! It solved it all! I no longer have a problem with 
registry generation when running wineinstall. I no longer this XIO error 
message when trying to open an application.

Thanks a lot!

Until wine configure is updated, here's the solution that worked for me
- make uninstall your current install
- remove the current source tree and replace it for a new one
- on wineinstall line 230 do :     if ! ./configure --with-nptl -C $CONFARGS
- as your normal user, run wineinstall

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