[newbie] RedHat 9

Philippe A z77y16 at hotmail.com
Mon May 19 09:19:54 CDT 2003

Hello Luigi,

>Hi all,
>   I have troubles installing Wine on RedHat 9.0 and I haven't found too 
>much in
>the archives... can i ask you again ;-) ?

After some problems I successfully installed Wine on RedHat9. That was no 
later than yesterday. My first attempt with configure --with-ntpl didn't 
quite work, so I had to retry after cleaning up wine carefully:

- First did a make uninstall from wine source tree
- Removed ~/.wine and ~/c
- Removed the wine source tree and unpacked a fresh one
- chmod -R 777 my new wine source tree
- i modified wineinstall slightly on line 230 so configure is called with 
--with-ntpl option
- as my regular user, ran wineinstall

Everything went fine from that point on. I didn't have to do any special 
tweaks before I could run winver.exe and notepad.exe.

Your problem with the /tmp/socket-something is because wineserver isn't 
running. Wineserver should always be running prior to running wine. You can 
leave wineserver in memory by doing "wineserver -p". Wineserver should be 
loaded automatically after a successful install.

Good luck!

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