COM: port problems

Mike Davies rovoreed at
Wed May 21 13:03:00 CDT 2003

        Unfortunately, almost all the Windows programs I want to run under 
Wine need to access the COM: ports, and I cannot get any of them to run. 
Typically, I get stuff like this ...

fixme:comm:EscapeCommFunction16 no cid=0 found!
fixme:comm:EscapeCommFunction16 no cid=0 found!
err:comm:COMM16_ReadComplete async read failed 000003e3
fixme:comm:EscapeCommFunction16 no cid=3 found!
err:comm:COMM16_ReadComplete async read failed 000003e3

        Given that I can't get any of them to work, and that the Wine docs 
say COM: support is virtually complete, then I've got to be doing 
something stupid.

        One thing I have noticed is that I've had to change the 
permissions on the devices from 660 to 666.  Some of the programs have a 
window that show the data being sent/received over the COM: port, and I do 
seem to get some data, but then the programs I'm using time out and say 
that communication is not successful.

        Can anyone give me some clues as to how to narrow down the 
problem? I'm currently using RH9 & wine-20030508, but have had the same 
problems on RH8 and wine 20030508 & wine 20030318.

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