Blank screen in foreground, working 3D

Matt Bailey mattb at
Sun May 25 22:12:51 CDT 2003

This is an interesting one.......I have a Direct3D app that actually runs 
with 3D acceleration working in Wine, but in the upper left corner of the 
app's screen there is a black screen. This only happens in fullscreen mode, 
which is the only mode the app will use 3D (I assume 3D is causing the black 
region). The region corresponds to the resolution I specify within the app. 
For instance, my desktop is set to 1024x768. If I set the app to run 
fullscreen at 640x480, my screen remains at 1024x768, there is a 640x480 
black region in the upper left corner of the screen, but behind this in my 
1024x768 desktop I see the app running in 3D! Any ideas?

	-Matt Bailey

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