D3D8/D3D9 status

fenix at club-internet.fr fenix at club-internet.fr
Mon May 26 14:41:58 CDT 2003


> Thanks, I figured DX9 support was probably pretty early at this 
> point since it's so new.

I have a prototype since december but as we have needed many architecture improvements for merging it...

> On the full screen......does this apply only to Direct3D apps, 
> not OpenGL? 

for what i have seen only d3d8 (not ddraw and  d3d < 8) and partialy opengl (when not using ddraw or windows APIs) have this limitation. This can be fixed easily using ddraw or WIN32 SetMode APIs but its easier for debugging to use windowed mode.
I'll try to send a path for that when debugging not active.

> I have an OpenGL program, X-Plane, that runs incredibly well 
> under Wine. It does take up the whole screen, but not sure if 
> it's technically running in full screen mode. Setting it to a 
> lower resolution than my desktop does not change my desktop res, 
> X-Plane just runs in a smaller window. 

for what you say, I think it use d3d for setting resolution/mode.

> But, if I could just get my Direct3D stuff running even that 
> well, it would be quite usable. Do you know of any way to force 
> a D3D app to use hardware acceleration in windowed mode?

well, d3d always use hardware acceleration code (windowed or not)

> The D3D app I have always reverts to 2D mode when going 

hmmm, strange. What d3d version use this application ?
How can i test it ?


>	-Matt Bailey
>On Monday 26 May 2003 02:15 am, you wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  i have seen you have many problems with d3d8 (and d3d9) so i send you a
>> little current status of wine d3d8 and d3d9 implementations.
>>   First d3d9 support is only a prototype (already working as well as d3d8)
>> on my tree but it will be merging in few days the time to alexandre come
>> back and commit my last patches (and the next two in few days)
>>   Another problem you have is that currently we don't support fullscreen
>> mode (we always use windowed mode without saying the application what we
>> are doing). It's what you have a blank screen in foreground using some
>> applications (i htink they use this ugly way for having some 2d stuff on
>> d3d background).
>>   If you want more informations mail us.
>> Regards,
>> Raphael
>> PS: i'm not registred in wine-users so please CC me if you respond.

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