Wine and Micro$oft Office

christophe christophe27 at
Sun Nov 9 14:14:36 CST 2003

Hi Robert (Shearman)

I took good notice of your last mail concerning my pb about wine and running 

I usually get :
>> fixme:ntdll:NtConnectPort (0x40575a30,L"\\RPC

and you said
> These are an example of Microsoft not documenting a whole set of functions
> to manipulate an NT primitive. They are part of an API called Local
> Procedure Call (LPC) and it is mainly used by RPC (the RPCRT4 DLL) to
> communicate between COM apartments on the same machine.
> In short, it is a known bug with Wine, but we haven't been motivated to both
> document and implement LPC yet.

but then I wonder how some people do to get around this pb and can easily get 
excel or word working... I guess there is a trick about the config file ! I 
got to have ole32 and oleaut32 as native if I want (according to Clark 
suggestion) to get away of that mscreate.dir warning and get my dialog boxes 
work fine... But then the native ones get me this LPC primitive error.

According to your last mail, I will thus try again with RPCRT4, ole32, 
oleaut32 as builtin then. But I would be interessted to have a look at 
someone's config file that uses NT/linux in double boot with Wine std 
configuration as Win98, and having Dcom98 installed in windows/system_dcom 
directory, paths being accordingly extended.



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