Wintab32 - Tablet support

Robert Shearman R.J.Shearman at
Wed Nov 12 04:59:03 CST 2003

> Hi,
> This is more a question for the developers....

Should have posted to wine-devel then :) Doing so now.

> A couple of months ago there was a patch from Aric Stewart that added 
> support for graphics tablets in wine. However I have not heard anything 
> about it since. Is anybody still working on this? 
> Graphics tablet 
> support is the only thing stopping us from using Photoshop under Linux 
> at the present time. Moving all our graphics artists off dual booting 
> windows machines would be extremely benificial!
> I tried the original patch but found it affected the > stability of wine...

I noticed that in the original patch a lot of functions were called from DllMain that shouldn't be called from there. Did the backtrace include wintab32.DllMain?

The initialisation should probably be moved to either each function with a line like "if (!initialised) Initialise();"

Alexandre, how come this patch hasn't been included in Wine yet? Was it the problem stated here or something else?

> Daire


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