Wintab32 - Tablet support - VBtablet & wintab working for Dogwaffle?

Philip Staiger wine at
Wed Nov 12 11:20:13 CST 2003

 I too would be very interested in knowing what's happening with wintab32
under wine - is it usable?

How about in conjunction with VBtablet from ? He has a
small test program there which reports pressure, angle etc.... you might
want to see if that works.

Does somebody on this list have a Wacom, AceCad, Pablo (Disney Magic Artist)
or Aiptek tablet to try Dogwaffle with it? project Dogwaffle uses VBtablet.
The latest v1.6 demo is at , the free
version 1.11b is at and but didn't use VBtablet yet
so not interesting (well for tablet users anyway, still might be of interest
for entry-level painters; I doubt the installer will work but hey if it
does, yipeee).

the other day at a show in Anaheim I tried some things with the help of
someone from The Linux Box, was neat to see Carrara Studio 2 running on it.
Few minor glitches but still sweet. I'm interested in seeing Dogwaffle
qualified/working etc.

Anyone here serious about making this work? contact me if you need an NFR
copy to test.

A general question: Dogwaffle uses COM, ActiveX communication channels (I
don't know much details). Anybody have a feeling if that's a no-no under


> A couple of months ago there was a patch from Aric Stewart that added
> support for graphics tablets in wine. However I have not heard anything
> about it since. Is anybody still working on this?
> Graphics tablet
> support is the only thing stopping us from using Photoshop under Linux
> at the present time. Moving all our graphics artists off dual booting
> windows machines would be extremely benificial!
> I tried the original patch but found it affected the > stability of

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