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Geoff Streeter geoff at dyalog.com
Mon Nov 17 02:59:05 CST 2003


Thank you for the input. I tried various things over the weekend. xpdf 
baulks, the CUPS lpr baulks - it was interesting to discover that lpr does 
actually know about pdf files and just prints them.

I wanted the pdf so I could produce some written documentation (I am that 
old fashioned). Doing that with HTML is more difficult.

I suspect that the pdf files are indeed broken in some way. Can anybody 
else read them?

The postscript download did not produce a text file at all - it is binary 
of some sort.

Geoff Streeter

At 2003-11-14 08:28 -0800, you wrote:
>Geoff Streeter wrote:
>>Probably a dumb question from a new user but what do you use to read the 
>>pdf documentation. Both Acroread and gv baulk at them.
>>Also the postscript package only delivers 45 bytes.
>Very likely there was some sort of problem, and the file contains a plain 
>text or html error message. Just read it with 'more' or a text editor.
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